Location: location: location. The real estate industry’s catch-phrase not only defines Oakleigh’s position, which has historical links but also its development. Located just 15 kilometres from Melbourne’s Central Business District, Oakleigh has strong public and private transport networks and is at the crossroads of the Nation’s major highway running east/west and a major arterial, Warrigal Road, running north/south. Close to the Monash Freeway and close to the demographic heart of Melbourne, it is now very much a centre point for the Melbourne metropolis. Indeed, Oakleigh has always been a focal point en route to Melbourne from the South-East and wellserved by transport. From the earliest days of European settlement the town was a stopover for coaches on their way to or from Gippsland and as road trade grew, so did the hostelries. Travellers and teamsters, drovers and stockmen, farmers and farm hands, blacksmiths and wheelwrights, woodcutters and carters, gardeners and quarry men quenchedthirsts at Gibson’s Oakleigh Hotel, Braithwaites Foresters’ Arms or an earlier bush Inn on the banks of Scotchman’s Creek. Continue reading