The golive sound experiment

The Golive Sound Experiment was formed around 15 minutes before this post was written. The team at Golive ID thought that they didnt want to miss out on the fun to be had at the 10×10 festival. So Anthony and Sunil decided to put their day jobs aside and pick up the acoustic guitars and make some noise in Oakeligh.

Sunil Garbuja
On Occasion, Sunil performs at events and parties; but for the most part, he is a bedroom singer. Check out his intimate performances in the bedroom on his YouTube channel: thesoundcanal. He’s got more that 380,000 views!

Anthony Sharpe
Anthony has been performing for the last 15 years in bands throughout Australia.
He currently fronts Melbourne based cover band Action Sam.
Anthony is also a regular on Australian television show Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries on the ABC. Playing the role of Cecil Yates.